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The Gift of Giving!


As you all read in the last blog, Jidou is expecting baby #3 this summer! We're so excited to be welcoming a little one to the family. Womanhood is so beautiful and creating life is such a blessing. Juggling marriage, career, and 2 other kids has been a journey in itself, however it's one that I love. 

Since my youngest is 9 years old, I didn't remember the changes that occur with the body, i.e. fatigue, swollen boobs, backaches, and cravings (McDonald's fries with everything please). As we prepare for our new blessing, we wanted to share with you the things we are doing and some great gifts to give expecting mom's. 

1. Nursing Pillow: This product ranges from $30-$50 and is great for nursing/feeding babies. I loved this pillow for both of my kids, it gave me great support and kept them nice and snug when dad did the feeding. 

2. Travel Bottle Warmer: My husband always buys this gift for the expecting dads. Priced around $25, this is great for on the go and some use the car adapter to warm the bottle. I love easy and convenient!

3. Portable Baby Soother: So my friends just had babies (my bff has twins!) and they swear by this product. This gift will help the baby sleep with soft sounds playing in the background. Prices range from $20-$50. 

4. Jidou's Flower-Print Kimono: Now every mom needs to be comfortable during and after pregnancy. This kimono is a great gift for the fashionable mom, who wants to look and feel beautiful while going through these changes. Get this gift for just $30 for the new mom.

Let us know in the comment section below, some other great gifts to give expecting parents!

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