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Mother's Day


I have had the blessing of being a mom for 14 years and it is an experience, like no other. As I said previously, I am a mother of 2 and one more on the way. My first born is a girl and I would love to share how she immediately made me a woman. 

When I found out I was pregnant with her, I was in shock! I was in my early 20s, almost done with my Associates degree, partying with my girls and in a long distance relationship with my now husband. I knew my life was about to change forever. Now, being an island gal, telling my parents (especially my mom) was the scariest thing EVER! I was her oldest child, so when I told her she was definitely disappointed, but she let me know she would be there.

As a first time mom, I didn't know what to expect for labor and delivery. So when my water broke, I thought it would be like what you see in the movies, where immediate pain follows and contractions drop you to your knees, but nope! My water broke at 6 am and I felt nothing after, so I just assumed, it didn't break for real and stayed home. Finally at 6pm, my mom said, let's go to the hospital, just to make sure everything is ok (thank God for moms). We got there and the nurses were so mad at me for waiting so long to come in. I felt so bad and scared that I may have unknowingly hurt my baby. They brought me to a room, started me on pitocin and let me know the fluid in my sac was almost gone, because I waited so long to come in. 

Contractions are a BEAST! I was determined to have no epidural, because my mom had 7 kids with no drugs. YEAH RIGHT! As I was getting further along, my body started to shake and the nurse came in to tell me, this was my last chance to agree to the epidural and it was in my best interest, because my body wouldn't be able to handle the pain. So, I reluctantly gave in and agreed to the epidural. Ladies, that process was so scary, the awkward position you have to sit in, the warning of "don't move or you can be paralyzed", the stinging of the needle and asking do you feel the needle on one side more than the other is still fresh in my mind. 

When it was time for her to enter the world, the doctor said she was not head down and he had to go in and turn her. Honey, I had to go in an all-four position for this process and she was finally delivered, healthy but with a little jaundice (yellow coloring all over her body). I knew right then, that my life would never be the same and I had just brought this beautiful little blessing into the world.

My daughter was born 5lbs and 4 ounces, tiny right? She stayed in the hospital an additional week after I was released to ensure she was ok. My husband and I was so scared to hold her, but the nurses showed us everything. She motivated me to complete my schooling online and I got my degree when she was 3 months old. Her first time going to daycare, I cried like a big baby, I wasn't ready for her to be away from me, but we needed to work to make money and provide for her and still going to school to further my education. When she turned 4 years old, I passed my state licensure exam to work in Physical Therapy. She not only needed a provider, but a nurturer, a listener, a caretaker, an advocate, an example of success and I was determined to be that person for her. 

At 14 years old, I'm so proud of the young lady she has become. She's smart, creative, a helpful big sister, and humble. She makes me proud to be her mom and I hope I make her proud, as well. This Mother's Day may be different for us all, due to Coronavirus but I am so happy to be quarantined with my loving family.




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