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Allow Me To Introduce Myself!

Hey Ladies!

My name is Jirdelle, but affectionally called Jidou (pronounced Jee-dew), by one of my aunt's since I was a little girl. I am a wife of 14 years to an amazing husband, a mother to 2.5 beautiful kids ( a girl, a boy, and one currently baking!) and I work in Physical Therapy. My everyday job requires me to be in workout pants and sneakers, so I love the chances that I get to dress up and go out, i.e. date night, girls' night out, and baby showers. Shoot, I even dress up for my kids assemblies lol!

Because I am a woman over 30, I am usually shopping for a particular look and felt like there wasn't many resources out there that catered to my fashion needs. So, along came the idea to create a boutique with not only trendy pieces, but lifestyle pieces for the everyday woman. Jidou's Boutique represents the woman that is fashionable, sociable, and on-the-go.

We have selected pieces that we feel would look great on a girl's trip (this should be required annually), weekend errands with the fam, brunch with the besties, and date night with bae! Take a look at some of our pieces to get to know us better.

Our Green Pleated Jumpsuit is great for the versatile woman. It can be styled with some sexy sandals (obviously), a denim jacket with cute flats, or some all white all-stars for a really casual look.

Do you have a vacation coming up? This two-piece set would look great on the traveling woman! Comfy and cute for excursions and light and breezy to keep you nice and cool throughout the day. 

Working Monday through Friday limits me to running errands on the weekends. This easy, flowing maxi dress is a great choice for getting all of those run arounds completed while looking comfortable, yet stylish.





Now, don't get it twisted, there's definitely more on the site to choose from, check us out! We're open to any questions you may have, feel free to reach out by email jidousboutique@gmail.com. Hope you find that piece(s) to add to your closet that will make you feel, elegant, modern, and fabulous.

Nice to meet you,


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  • I’m a sales rep and have 2 great lines that sell well in Florida. 813.317.6700 – let’s chat. I can email the lookbooks and wholesale $$


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