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Checking in with Jidou!

  • Get Ready for Labor Day!

    There used to be a rule in fashion: Don't wear white after Labor Day! A rule created to separate a class of people. But nowadays, everyone is breaking the rule and we are here for it! White looks good in every season! 
  • Summertime Fine

    Get ready with us for your next summer look. Is your birthday coming up and you need that cute dress that shows off all of your curves? Need a sexy look for your next date night? Or some cute vacation looks to add to your suitcase? We're here to help get you ready for all occasions!
  • Mother's Day

    I have had the blessing of being a mom for 14 years and it is an experience, like no other. As I said previously, I am a mother of 2 and one more on the way. My first born is a girl and I would love to share how she immediately made me a woman. 
  • The Gift of Giving!

    As you all read in the last blog, Jidou is expecting baby #3 this summer! We're so excited to be welcoming a little one to the family. Womanhood is so beautiful and creating life is such a blessing. Juggling marriage, career, and 2 other kids has been a journey in itself, however it's one that I love. 
  • Staying safe during this COVID-19 pandemic

    Hey ladies!

    How are you all holding up during this pandemic? Are you sheltering in place, singing the hand wash song (which one?), stocking up on goods? 
  • Allow Me To Introduce Myself!

    My name is Jirdelle, but affectionally called Jidou (pronounced Jee-dew), by one of my aunt's since I was a little girl. I am a wife of 14 years to an amazing husband, a mother to 2.5 beautiful kids ( a girl, a boy, and one currently baking!) and I work in Physical Therapy. My everyday job requires me to be in workout pants and sneakers, so I love the chances that I get to dress up and go out, i.e. date night, girls' night out, baby showers, shoot, I even dress up for my kids assemblies lol!